Earth Repair is a fertile and diverse compilation of tools, recipes, and stories that has been made possible by the contributions of many inspiring grassroots remediators, healers, community organizers, permaculture designers, and disaster responders who are experimenting with this work in the field!

Peter McCoy

Radical Mycology

Peter McCoy is an artist, musician, street medic and rebel mycologist who has been studying the power of the fungal kingdom off and on for over a decade. What started out as a personal hobby has devel- oped in recent years into an all-out campaign to bring simple fungal cultivation for self-sufficiency and remediation to the masses. Peter is one of the co-founders of the Radical Mycology meme and can be found teaching workshops throughout the US on DIY mycology. He is currently based out of the Cascadia bioregion and loves it there.

Ja Schindler

Fungi for the People

For the past decade, Ja Schindler has been studying mycology, and has lived and worked on a progressive mushroom farm as well as experimented with remediation and grassroots mushroom cultivation. His organization, Fungi For the People, exists to implement and share approaches on working with mushrooms in a sustainable fashion to heal the planet and it’s people.  It focuses on primarily two goals: first, to partner with Native Fungi in the processes of toxin degradation and soil development, and second, to share techniques and medicine with community   by teaching workshops, offering mushroom spawn, and high quality Medicinal Mushroom Extracts and teas. Keep an eye out for his upcoming book on mushroom cultivation which will detail home and community scale mushroom growing for food, medicine and mycoremediation.

Scott Kellogg

Radix Center

Scott Kellogg is the educational director of the Radix Ecological Sustainability Center in Albany, New York and author of the book Toolbox for Sustainable City Living: A Do-It Ourselves Guide. He has recently completed a Masters degree in Environmental Science from Johns Hopkins University, where he wrote his thesis on the topic of low-intensity, community-based bioremediation techniques.

Oliver Kelhammer

Oliver Kelhammer is a Canadian land artist, permaculture teacher, activist and writer. His botanical interventions and public art projects demonstrate nature’s surprising ability to recover from damage. His work facilitates the processes of environmental regeneration by engaging the botanical and socio-political underpinnings of the landscape, taking such forms as small-scale urban eco-forestry, inner-city community agriculture and the restoration of eroded railway ravines. His process is essentially anti-monumental — as his interventions integrate into the ecological and cultural communities that form around them, his role as artist becomes increasingly obscured. He describes what he does as a kind of catalytic model making, which lives on as a vehicle for community empowerment while demonstrating methods of positive engagement with the global environmental crisis.

Leah Wolfe

Serpentine Project

Leah Wolfe is an herbalist with a background in health research and public health. She started the Trillium Center in 2009, an en- deavor to improve community health through preventive medicine, education and preparedness. Visit to learn more about how we are learning from plants and bringing plants to our communities.

Heather Hendrie

Heather Hendrie is a feisty freelance writer and champion for clean, running water. Heather believes that her body is approximately 53 percent Bow River, 21 percent Georgian Bay and 2 percent Victor Davis Pool. From swimming to canoe tripping, raft guiding and environmental education, Heather’s personal and professional life has revolved around water. Most recently, Heather worked to promote the value of water through The City of Calgary’s Water Services department.

Interviewees include:

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… and many more!