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Bioremediation is the use of biological agents to remove or neutralize contaminants; allying with living systems to detoxify contaminated environments. Many micro-organisms, plants and fungi are able to bind, extract and/or transform contaminants to create less toxic, healthier, and increasingly resilient and vital ecosystems.

Microbial Remediation






Disaster Response

(oil spills and other environmental disasters)
Different environments, conditions and contamination favour different remediation approaches. Sometimes you need to start with the microbial remediation to recharge and heal the soil so that it can support life again. Other times you need to start with mycoremediation, so that the fungi can break down bigger contaminants into smaller pieces so that that bacteria and plants can then get to work. The problems we are dealing with are complex, as are the ecosystems we are working to heal. There are no simple and quick solutions, but there are many ways to work with the  micro-organisms, mushrooms, and plants that are the planets finest and oldest disaster responders, alchemists, and healers. In grassroots bioremediation, we work with nature, applying a whole systems, multi-kingdom approach to planetary recovery.