Many of us have yet to see the work of earth repair and grassroots bioremediation take root in our communities. Maybe we’ve heard stories or been to a workshop where we’ve learned that mushrooms can help clean up oil spills and that plants can suck up heavy metals. But when faced with wounded and contaminated spaces or environmental disasters, we often have no idea how to translate the myths and legends of regenerative solutions into living realities.

There is so much potential for earth repair, if done right, to jump the gap from novel ideas into life-transforming community practices. To move past the narrow conversation on sustainability into the powerful territories of regeneration and resurgence!  What does this look like? How does it start? It starts with a some hardy, creative , determined, and visionary folks wiling to experiment with different healing remedies and throw down some real installations out in the field!

On this page, you will find different profiles of different community projects and people who are trying their hand at earth repair. If you have  story of grassroots bioremediation and earth repair that you would like to share, contact me!

May these stories inspire, inform and enliven your work!