The Olympia Mycelial Network in Olympia, Washington (USA) is a volunteer-run mushroom cultivation group that teaches the Olympia community about the value of mushrooms and other fungi for food, medicine, and pollution clean up.

Since starting in 2011, this group has raised enough money to build a successful community mushroom cultivation lab and provide over a dozen free medicinal, edible, and remediative mushroom installations in the Olympia community. The picture below shows one of their remediation installations. Here, a series of burlap sacks filled with Oyster mushroom mycelium was used to filter water running off of the parking lot at the Olympia Food Co-Op before reaching the sewer. This low cost installation will filter out and degrade petrochemicals released from the cars in the parking lot before they enter the Puget Sound and ultimately the Pacific Ocean. To learn more about the Olympia Mycelial Network visit