Save the Date: 3rd Annual Mycology Convergence (Illinois, USA) – Oct 9-13th

If you are a fan of mushrooms, mycoremediation, grassroots bioremediation, and kick ass convergences where folks share rad earth healing people healing skills and knowledge, then check out the 3rd Radical Mycology Convergence, happening in Illinois this year!

The Radical Mycology Convergence is a unique gathering of mycologists, mushroom enthusiasts, and Earth stewards coming together to share skills and information on the numerous benefits of the fungal kingdom for humans and the planet. The RMC is a weekend long event consisting of workshops, presentations, and various mycoremediation installations. Beyond the skills shared, the RMC also works to build a community among like-minded mycophiles (aka mushroom lovers) and community-based earth healers to collaborate on remediation and restoration projects during and after the RMC.


For more info about the Radical Mycology Convergence, check out the website and the Facebook page below! Also, if you have skills you would like to share, consider applying to host a workshop at the RMC! Go to the website below for the details!